Monday, 6 January 2014

Little projects

I've decided I want to do a few simple costumes this year - in addition to the OMGCostumeCon ones, at least. Seeing as (at this point) my goal is to have a booth at both Animenorth and FanExpo, I would (more than likely) not be competing at either of those two cons. But, while I don't want to just wear street clothes for booth running/con going, (though I insured that the outfits I did wear while running the booth matching my product samples) I think if I made a few simple outfits, both funky and comfortable, that would suffice.

That was a terrible, run on sentence.


I do love my Game of Thrones maxi dress. And I do have the same material I used for it, in other colours, which to be honest, I have not used for anything, and I can't see a need for most of them in the foreseeable future. I plan on making a red/gold version of it. I have a heart piece necklace, that I wear on a thick gold torque/choker that is practically crying out to be worn amazingly. Therefore, the bulk of the dress will be red, and the shoulder straps will be in gold braiding. I have a thin, but elastic gold braid-like belt which should taper it in, like the belt I wear for the green GoT dress.

I might see if I can do some sort of gold detailing at the bottom hem of the dress, rather than doing an insert panel to make it different than the green one. I'm see the over all effect as being a Heart Piece/Goddess Din sort of look. I'll need some sort of headpiece as well. But, overall it shouldn't be too hard to pull together. Oh, and I do need something under it - I did find the corset pattern 2355 at Fabricland - $2 - so I could make another - with less itchy trim. Or maybe a cheater bandeau?

Hmmmm... have three dresses. One for each Hylian Goddess. That'd be fun.... Must recruit friends....

I also plan on making a fascinator akin to Effie's in Catching Fire - the Monarch butterfly one. I found the butterflies at Micheals, for 40% off. :D Perhaps to wear, perhaps to sell. Not sure, but I want to make it either way.

Now, I must work on tutoring notes. Chop, chop, Moofy.

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