Friday, 31 January 2014

Finally, really, getting underway.

The sewing has officially and finally begun. Tardis dress is a go. I haven't done tons, just yet, but I have finished the skirt base.... which admittedly is sewing 8 seams. But each of the seams have been full finished, so it is a carefully constructed skirt base.

Heh, it's a combination of not-much-done and feeling-so-accomplished. But have started, and that's going to start the ball rolling.

Provided I don't run out of white thread before I finish the next portion of the skirt ruffle. That would be....problematic.

My current debate will be thread-matching. The skirt ruffle is a black and white striped material, with each stripe being about.... 1 inch... maybe an inch and a half in diameter. When I come to stitch the pieces together, I am going to switch out the thread colours depending on what stripe set I'm stitching. (I LOVE YOU SEWING MACHINE WITH YOUR EASY TO THREAD-NESS) But.... I do need to hem the whole lot of them. I can't switch out thread colours for that particular session, so something is going to show. Do I stitch with black and have it exposed on the white, or stitch white and expose on the black? Or, do I stitch with a middle ground of grey and have a less overall contrast?

At the moment, without testing, it might be best to stitch with the white. I might add a ruffle to the bottom hem, but that's going to depend on how it looks, so in theory the stitching might be hidden. But, it's going to depend if it needs that extra ruffle or if it will junk it up too much.....considering it's an eccentric time machine, that more than likely would take great pleasure in extra ruffles. Meh, I'll ask the dress when it gets to that point.

That, will be Sunday. Tomorrow is Winterlicious. Now, is orchestra remixes of Radioactive, which is a need I have in my life at the moment.

Also, the CC32 progress report came out. Ughghghghghg.... this is going to be such a fabulously (intimating) convention. Can't wait....!

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