Sunday, 5 January 2014

File - Open - 2014 *doubleclick*

From a brand new mouse, no less!!!!! Seriously. My old one stopped working, and while I can work a laptop mouse perfectly fine, I do prefer a USB mouse so I don't have to hunch over so much. Also, it's cute. It has birdies on it. :D


2014. S'up? So far you have provided us snow, more snow and quality shopping time for storage units. With my Christmas monies I have purchase a wardrobe and two cubby units to store my costumes and fabric. They'll be organized. And I don't have to unload rubbermaid after rubbermaid trying to find the small scrap of material I need. I can just roll them up and pop them in the cubby. And the wardrobe has a bar and some shelves. And a mirror on the door. This is genius.

Of course, I need to build said organizing units. But, the little cartoon IKEA man tells us its not hard to do. I find his 2D stick figure face oddly trustworthy.

2014 has also given me the watching of movies. I saw Catching Fire again, which I enjoyed as much as the first time. (I said it before, and I will say it again - THE COSTUMES) Then the Hobbit on the same day. Lee Pace is a majestic creature. I also want his crown. I have also, finally, seen Now You See Me. Which I enjoy immensely. It makes me want to create magician costumes. Shocking, I know.

But now, 2014, we enter into that season of full winter. No holiday distractions, so perhaps we can gets some creative projects done, yes?

...Once I build the furniture.

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