Friday, 18 April 2014

Keep at it!

Yup. yup. It's now the time where I constantly have the need to update the blog. Does it force me to be productive? No idea.

However, more progress is made. Hair comb is done. (And kinda adorable) Gloves have been trimmed. Ribbon length adjusted. I still have some odd and sods fixes. That snap in the back ruffle keeps popping open so I need to replace it with something else. I'm going to make one more flower, so maybe one the petals can have a hook and eye on it, to force it closed.

Actually tried ON the gown today. I'm satisfied at this point. But man, the two layers of boning on my torso makes me feel like I'm wearing body amour.

Documentation is going fairly well. Text is basically done, so I need to do the pictures and then finalize the layout. Maybe done by....Tuesday? I need the paper.

I keep thinking it's Saturday and it's freaking me out. It is not. I have another day, more than I believe.

Next, is stage direction. I have vague idea how I'm going to present. Well...more than vague, but it's still very rough. Especially after my test twirl nearly caused me to fall over. Heh, nothing new there.

Worked out my other outfits. Firebird needs hair thing still. Thinking on that.

I'm also taking part of my Phoenix outfit with me, for Saturday since I'm not in the masquerade that day. Turns out the bodice and fixings goes with delightfully with my black skirt. It's an interesting look, plus if workmanship for my masq is that day, I can still manouver.

That's... all for the moment.

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