Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunny days, that's the key!

It's amazing when you have natural light, how much easier it is to sew. Psychological OR simply logical?

Either way, the bodice is well on its way to being conquered. I have the armholes to finish, and just a few minor fixes, and it's done!

And then comes the overclocking details.

Timey Whimey Time.

At least it's beginning to look like how I imagined it. I might even say: *knock on wood* that I am proud of this design. Splendid.

I also sprayed the ring I needed for the Heart Piece dress. Another gift because of the sunny weather and no wind.

I'll work on it a little more this evening, (either one, not sure) and I'll consider this the most productive weekend by far.

....Gotta start working on that packing list too. :D Should I bring my camera, or will the one on my Ipod suffice?

*is secretly hoping someone will make her design at the folio contest*

But for the moment, jewelery research.

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