Thursday, 17 April 2014

*crazy face*

Okay. Okay. So, okay.

1. FanExpo booth info is up. It has been submitted. It is in the hands of express shipping (on a long weekend, of course) and FanExpo now. We.... want it. Hopefully, we will just know one way or another, soon.

2. .... Post tutoring, I have been working.... non stop on this costume. All the flowers are completely made. Eight illuminated ones are drying after rhinestone application. One of the three non-illuminated ones is sewn on, and its two counter parts are waiting for placement once I try on the bodice...tomorrow. It is too late for putting on a corset.

3. My hands are covered in three kinds of glue. Fortunately, the superglue is the upper most layer and is not actually stuck to my skin. But, my hair comb is well on its way to being complete. We need to dry overnight before I add more details.

Things to take in back up kit. Extra light, extra Velcro, glue gun, super glue. Matching thread and needles. Scissors.

4.... I am so wired, right now. Tired, and wired. I am balancing the potential of three conventions right now.

There is only one song to be played on my iTunes right now. The only one that ever fits this state of mind.


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