Friday, 11 April 2014

*Tense. Focused*

Part of me wants to run around screaming like a nimmy, at how close CC32 is. For good and bad, just the sheer excitement.

Part of me feelings like I'm the warrior on the brink of Battle. Not just competition - but entering that convention world. The mental preparation. The emotional preparation. The packing.

I am charged.....! And.... disorganized, I don't know what do next. XD;

Random thought attack!

Do I take my Heart Piece Dress and Temporarily suspend the heart piece part - aka...the pendant, to temporarily adapt it to the myths theme of the friday night social  - as a firebird? It could be doable and I'm not changing the dress, just the accessories. I plan on wearing it as a heart piece dress for animenorth/fanexpo anyway.

Also: What happens if you try and sneeze wearing a corset? Can you? My mental image is only of hilarious disaster.

....So scatterbrained!

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