Friday, 4 April 2014

We meet again WEEKEND.

So help me, I have less than a month until Costume Con. I am behind on... all the things. This weekend WILL be gloriously productive, or I'll.... I'll...

I have no threat that I can possible put here that I would listen too.


I ---

Just had a really weird idea. .... That needs to go on the back burner. I'm terrified where that is going to lead.

-- have bodice work to do, and fine details to start working on. I also need to pin down what I want the necklace to be.

Plus, I need to paint the support ring for the heart piece dress. Not sure if that's what I am going to wear to the social, but it's a maybe.

..... Except that other idea I just thought off is not letting me off easy. Seriously brain? That isn't helpful right now.

....But it would be...interesting.


I also need to start working on what we need to pack in the ways of supplies. We are going to be there for three nights after all. That requires provisions. Portable and tasty provisions. Time to find the best of the best cooler recipes and foodstuffs.

And I will need garment bags.

*little dance of excitement*

For the fact of I have tons of work to do.... It's almost here! Finally!

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