Sunday, 18 May 2014

*nurses fingers*

It is the fate of one hand to be struck by pins and sewing needles. It is the fate of the other one to be burned by the iron. Such is the way of art.

Having said that, I'm about done all the cuffs. Everyone is curing overnight, and just needs their ribbons cut and they'll be done. Fascinators still need their final gluing but like the cuffs it's just minor stuff.

Leaves me with the spats, mainly left. Which, take longer. But there will be less of them. Four are planned. More is what I want. Four days I have, but there`s my job in their too. At least I have all of tomorrow off, so I hopefully can get everyone cut out, ironed and stitched by tomorrow night. Leaving the next few days to trim, grommet and embellish.....


Better call it a night, so I can get ready to fire on all engines tomorrow.

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