Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Post Convention Report

Few days later, but eh, it's been a busy week.

So we successful completed our second ever vend! It went pretty solidly - cleared my overhead, made some profit, so all in all a success. My only surprise was what sold and what didn't. Spats were on fire last year, and yet this year there was only a passing interest. Luckily my fascinators made up for it (Phew.) I introduced new cuff styles, with the triforce and fox patterns selling the best, and supernatural chasing at its heels. Not so much for the white/black/red combo which surprised. me. I suppose its a learning curve this. Ash did very well, also. Again, the only thing was what sold, and in what quantity that was surprising.

Either way, we are trying for next year!

Other than that, I consumed ramune and onigiri as per custom for every Animenorth. Bought more buttons for my button bag, and finally bought a simple triforce necklace which I am rather fond of. I did change the cheapy little chain that came with it, for the sole real gold one I possess, and it classes it up nicely. 

Now, Magic and Stitchcraft is eagerly waiting for news on FanExpo. They said we'd here in the next few weeks. Fingers Crossed!

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