Monday, 19 May 2014

*twitch twitch*

In the name of Victoria and the Goddess of Victory, I dedicated this day to the Art. All of it. At least I feel like I accomplished things?

All the fascinators are done, all the cuffs finished (bar ribbons), two sets of spats complete and curing (bar ribbons), two more with the trims and decorating to do. Those I hope to knock off tomorrow. I plan wednesday morning for ribbon cutting, and Thursday for mop up. Perhaps I can squeak a few more somethings in.


I feel like I need more stuff. Not sure what else I can do under the time though.

Excited to be doing this again though. Despite the constant work, it's very satisfying.

Just need to endure work tomorrow and then I can get back to it.

OH. Need to hit the bank at one point this week. Need to make a float.

Now. Shower. Then more stitching?

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