Monday, 28 October 2013

Retail Therapy - Happy Birthday to me!

Sometimes, sometimes the clothing industry is ever at odd with me. Fit, colour, size, it doesn't play nice. And sometimes? Sometimes the angels sing and say to me: "COME. COME MOOFY AND SHOP. LET US SHOW YOU OUR GREATNESS." And suddenly my wardrobe diversifies with garments that can totally be used for street cosplay and STILL work as normal clothing.

So. My birthday was yesterday, as I gloriously completed another lap around the sun in a relatively consistant speed. Therefore, I journeyed to the shopping mall of choice to celebrate.

And now gloriously possess the perhaps the most perfectly 11th doctor jacket for a female body I have ever seen. The fabric is nearly spot on. The weave is slightly finer than the original tweed, but the colours are excellent and the weaving actually works with the feminine cut of the blazer. Two buttons? Check. Elbow patches? Oh yes! The pockets are not the internal kind like the original, but again, it works with the cut of the jacket. So while, it is not a direct replication of the original, the look is unquestionably 11. And, lo and behold I tried it on.... and I looked good in it. I was.... pleased by the mirror's reflection. Well done, Tommy Hifiger. Apparently I suit that style well. Me: 1

The day continued. And somehow I ended up with a lovely royal blue and black dress, with just a spot of silver on the shoulders and the exposed zipper at the back. On its own, such a cute dress. And matches my blue suede boots I bought impulsively this summer. Also almost reminds me of the 60s mod style. And then cue my dear mama: "Um, wouldn't that make a cute TARDIS dress with a few accessories?" GLORIOUS. It would, my dears, it would.

My final triumph, happened first a few days earlier upon the successful discovery of a top that worked with my costume for halloween, Product Powertrain Warranty. My costume was complete, I was happy, all was well. So, yes, sometimes the clothing industry actually likes me. And I wil shamelessly photograph each garment once I have daylight. Huzzah.

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