Monday, 21 October 2013


Well... let's just say, my critical piece of my halloween outfit, aka the dress has been scrapped. And by scrapped, I mean I wanted to throw it across the room and curse it back to the 1960s where hence it came. Simplicity? BAH. If your an A cup with your chest two inches from your neck maybe. I have no idea how much fine tuning I would need to do on this "simple" dress, to get it to remotely fit.

Therefore, I am done with it. I will comeback to it whenever I don't want to scream at it. It is not worth the frustration it was hovering over me. Instead, I will adapt street clothes to my accessories and IT WILL BE FABULOUS enough for Halloween. I can get that done in time for Hallowe'en and have 500% less stress, and 100% more time to work on more pressing things. Besides, it is the accessories that make the outfit anyway. The dress pattern would probably be lost on anyone not looking for the specific 60s look to it. Still need to make sure the accessories are spot on, but whatever.

Rant finished. Taking the night off.

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