Saturday, 5 October 2013

Petticoat Junction - The second pass

Jeeze oh man.

My arm are tiiiiired.

While I am sure there is probably an easier way to baste the 8 metres of material into the 4 metre stay via some form of logic, I am currently using the: "Hang from clothline, pin at seams, clothespen mightily, and pin pin pin, adjust and now hand baste because DON'TMOVEITDON'TMOVEITOHGODSITSCOMINGUNPINNED method." I mean, it's working and really I don't have another stretch of property to stretch out that piece that I can attack it from all sides. But, stitching at chest level does tire the arms afterwhile...especially since the chest level increases to shoulder level since the whole line is on a slant and wraps around three differently sized poles in my basement. I do have it halfway basted though, so I guess that's something. After that, I have to insert the then combined section into another 4 metre piece that forms the upper part of the petticoat.

One day, I will discover what it's like making an equality majestic costume without having more than 5 metres if fabric on my person. I don't know where all of the yardage ends up, but the petticoat has 8 metres, the skirt will have about.... probably 8 or so after cutting, and then the scant metre or two in the bodice. Plus or minus, once I trim it, like some crazy woman. Can I keep it under 20 metres? Gods, that sounds ridiculous....


I think.

*snerk* I went to an equestrian store, to look into getting some (cheap) riding pants. Basically I wanted the effect they have with the patches on the knees/thighs. Aside from critically damaging my self-esteem (I do not know what they did to my thighs but DEAR GOD NEVER) I had to endure the classic tale of avoiding what I really needed them for.

"Are they for show or competition?"
*Be smooth Moofy* "Uhhhhhhh, neither. I need them for a, um, costume piece. For an... uh, EVENT! YES. EVENT."
"Oh! Theatrical piece for a play?"
*What? Um, no I wanna be a pretty dragon rider that has a majestic swooshy jacket of awesome. SWOOSH!* "Errr... a private event"
"Oh! Okay, this is what we have."

And then the pants, and then the weird thing they did and then the NO. Soooo, back to square one at that. I might have to butcher some normal khakis for that. Whatever, that was just an off chance since I was passing by.

Ah well. Dinner out with friends for Kashunga's Birthday. Then bridal shower #3 tomorrow.


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