Friday, 11 October 2013

...I really don't have a good title.

I realize I don't have to actually have one, but it seems weird not to make one. So irrelavent.

Anyway. Since I am rapidly losing the ability to logically type and I need to sleep soon or I will not be a happy Moofy at work tomorrow. 1. Bouquets for wedding are finished! Bridesmaid's dress to be experimented with this weekend. Shoes must be broken in....

2. The seamstress that the Bride is going to for her dress alterations has perhaps the most wonderful workspace I have ever seen. It was raw and it was inviting and I want it.

3. I have all the piece for Project Power Train Warranty. I have cut out the pieces. I have not sewn them together. I...will work on that after Thanksgiving.

4. Petticoat is in stasis. I have done the intially sewing. I have to go back a restitch because I didn't stitch deep enough and missed catching some of it. Still looks like a petticoat, so at least that is good.

5. They've begun picking the entries for the Future Fashion Folio. I would be lying to say I wasn't nervously waiting.

6. Now Sleep.

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