Wednesday, 2 October 2013


So. They're redoing the shingles of our house. Having been... wee, when they did them the last time, and likely at school I never remember it being this... um, loud. It would be fascinating, if it wasn't my one day I that sleep in a week. (Sigh.) Since they started at my section of the house, I am slowly learning things about the possibly 500 people stomping around up there.

-One guys is that "Back in the day guy". Used to have to lift 80 packages not just 30. "This ain't a big job, ya should be the one I did in a while a go!"
-One is the concerned guy. "Guys, aren't you forgetting something? HARNESSES." "Why are you over there?" etc.
-Oops! Heard an f-bomb!
-There's like a ladder outside my window.
-Ahhh! No. It's a lift of some sort. That was awkward.

And so on. Well, I'm gonna go.... pattern cut or something. That's productive at least.

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