Tuesday, 31 December 2013

File - Close - 2013 *click*

About that time again.

2013 is just about done and 2014 is peeking around the corner. S'up 2014. How you doing?

To start the day off right, finally having a few days off without prior commitments until later in the day, I attacked my room with the vacuum and duster. It is now 75% less disastrous. Go me. Added bonus, my bookshelf, while since terrifying overfull is now not spilling out that much onto the floor. Except my artbooks. Of which I have more than I thought. They are rebelling and screaming freedom.

Now for the rest of the day, I do have gifts to wrap, food to prep for the party tonight. I also should eat a meal today.

But now that a New Year approaches us what to do? Make those resolutions that no one ever keeps? Nah. Though I did make the resolution last year not to make any resolutions, and that I did keep in an contradictory way, so go me.

Let's have some creative resolutions.

1. Get at least 1 booth at Animenorth and/or FanExpo to best of ability.

2.If booth(s) is successfully acquired, start early as possible after confirmation to start making things, so you can make more and be less burnt out.

3. Do honour to your craft at Costume Con

Good? I think those are doable.

And to start, beginning of January, I shall head over to my aunt's friend's house to borrow the wondertable of cutting and get started on Costume Con stuff. Also, I must shop with the Christmas money I was giving to get a storage wardrobe to fit all my previous outfits in, and if I'm lucky, find something to store my fabric in other than rubbermaids.

Goals are good.

Now, to party!

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