Monday, 3 February 2014

*readies pins*

Alright, alright!

Black and white ruffle pieces has been assembled. The seams have also been finished. I'm really liking how it's coming together. Still SO early... but something about seeing the seams finished makes it look... good. It looks good. I'm exciting that this could really turn out to be something special.

Of course, now comes the hemming portion of doom. That's going to take.... awhile. Especially if I decide to hand stitch it....and I might. If the material threatens to stretch, then I might have to, less there be puckers.

I also need to make note of how I'm putting it together for documentation. I haven't really deviated from the pattern at this point, bar finishing the seams so I don't feel I've missed any points yet. Once the underskirt is together, I'll take some progress shots though.

Okay, gonna iron out those seams, and then on to pinning the hem.

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