Monday, 24 March 2014

Procrastination OR Productive???

I'm avoiding the bodice.

Monday night is not... the right time for that. Not to mention I had to work on tutoring notes. I did manage to find a corset-like thingie at La Senza outlet on the weekend, that's a lot more workable than the strapless + cincher number I was using. The shape seems better.

I want to have a proper corset commissioned. Perhaps Costume Con will be the place to find... a place. Gods, my grammar is terrible right now. But perhaps I can get one that is both an outside and interior style corset. That would be ideal.

Still avoiding the bodice.

But, at least procrastinated in the form of making my spats, which are complete - so at least SOMEthing was done. I could cut flower parts out but.... it's cold in the basement, and I don't want to go down there right now.

.... I really need those lights. I hope they got ordered.

Need jewelery ideas.

...Maybe chocolate.


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