Saturday, 1 March 2014

*flails with excitement*

Magic and Stitchcraft's is on its way to glory once again....! I received first stage of acceptance for crafter's corner. (thankyouthankyouthankyou)We still need to fill out the formal application/payment/full confirmation, but we are now officially on our way. I am full of excitement tempered by relief tempered by panic tempered by determination. (That four seconds surrounding 8pm was agonizing. I think I gave myself mild indigestion thinking I had sent it too late, too early, not to the correct address etc etc.)

This is a honour, and I shall not waste it. Animenorth gods, I shall prepare your offerings.

Once we get full confirmation, we will go into full planning mode. There is a booth to create, an environment to build. And stock to make. So. much. stock.

All the while, preparing for Costume Con, which is a month before.


I'm ready. I am SO ready for this.

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