Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Those little tasks

Managed to get a couple things done today. Mailed off the application for the booth, so hopefully Canada Post will agree with me and send it promptly. Then, the dual project making can begin.

I made a rough list of cuff/spat ideas. Came up with a number of about 78 individual cuffs to be made. That's..... probably a lot more than I can handle. But, hopefully my plan to alter linings and trimmings should reduce overall time, but increase variety. So, maybe not 78. But, hopefully more than I did last year. I do have leftover from last time, that might find homes this year.

I am already, shamelessly trying to decide what to wear. Each outfit must be chosen to show off the accessories. I am but a mannequin for my designs. I'm looking at you, black and white blouse.  You. Me. Shadowhunter cuff? *suggestive eyebrow waggling*

I also found a pdf of the Tardis door sign. Which means I can finally print it on the printable fabric, stitch it to the corset and progress on that part of the project. I need to do that before I fit the lining and outer layer together. And insert the boning. Need to do that and baste it in too. That part shouldn't take long at least. Maybe that part done tomorrow?

And finish my tutoring notes. Got unintentionally behind on that.

Such is life.

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