Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Picking up speed.

Right then.

(Bar once overs, fix ups and critical final checks) The skirt and the corset are finished. The corset came together...faster than I thought. Being not in a mood to wrangle all the skirt fabric under the sewing machine, I ended up plowing through the belt. Minor (Re: Stupid printer ruining my last remaining printable fabric causing an emergency run to Staplers for a different, cheaper and in the end, better kind) issue resolved along the way, and it looks really cool. Just how I want it to appear. So far, the costuming is looking how I had hoped it would.

Pattern pieces are cut for the bodice, next I will begin the mockup. Fingers crossed that with that funky and mathematical method that pattern uses to choose sizing, I will not have a disaster on my hands. I am eager to do the accessorizing part..... not to mention getting started on my Crafter's stuff.

Have been working on my documentation notes though. Putting them in rough draft's while I finalize how I want the documentation to look. Considering changing my mind on how I was going to make it. Might be easier, take less time but still be as visually effective. Cheaper? We'll see.

This weekend. *shakes fist* This weekend will be productive.

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