Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Today's tuesday.

Yesterday was Tuesday, too!


Heat of the Moment, played on the radio today. On Tuesday. A cooler person than I wouldn't have reacted as I did. But I am fully accepting of my geekishness so react, I did.

The bodice and I are still avoiding each other. Though, I did put the darts in the arm holes. It's honestly not going to be until this week that I have enough uninterrupted time WITH daylight to work on it.

So I summoned my 4 meters of ruby red material and am now part way finished constructing my Heart Piece dress. To be styled like the Game of Thrones maxi dress, it will be created to honour the heart piece pendant I got at the last FanExpo. All rich red and brilliant gold.

Remember! If I don't have anything to wear with a new piece of costume jewelery I WILL MAKE IT.

(And I will dress as as many inanimate objects as I can. Because I can. It's kinda my trademark)

It's not hard to put together at least. It's just a lot of hemming. Though I do need to get another hitch ring for the back. And figure out what to wear underneath it. Wonder if I can find gold tube top, that I would never wear in public unless it was used for the sole purpose of covering up excess bare skin underneath another dress. Maybe one of those We-sell-way-too-small-clothing-trendy-trendy-OMG-dance-club stores would have something that would work.

 I'll check tomorrow.

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