Monday, 17 March 2014

The steamroller effect

Okay. Okay. Just over a month left until the con.

I must work on my dress every day until it's done, or it will be the only thing done, and barely at that. Where does the time go?

Working on the bodice. Lining is now done, outer layer has been sewn. Need to do a check to make sure the outer layer fits right and then we stitch the two, together. Wait.... bertha to the outer layer, then we stitch the two together. Then we attach the attachment hardware. And trim. Trim with festoons of majestic-ness.

Goal: Finish.

The lights are... well, not on order, but in the queue to be ordered, which is out of my hands. Have to start thinking of jewelry as well at this point. If I don't get a chance to work on the bodice tomorrow, I will perhaps attack the clock for the headpiece.

Random thought.

Frozen is out tomorrow. :D


Also working on modified ideas for the Friday night social. Don't know if I can get Quetzalcoatl done the way I want it.....unless I work every night.....

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