Thursday, 18 April 2013

Getting there...

The end of cuff sewing is in sight. Three more pairs to finish trimming, and some ribbons to cut and we will be ready to move on to something else.

Spats? Or leatherwork? We shall see.

Stopped for the night, since if I stitch anymore, I will have no skin left on my finger. The blunt end of the needle should not be poke that deep of a hole into my fingertip. Ah well, I'll be fnished this weekend.

Might need to make yet another fabricland trip this weekend. I am beginning to feel as if I should purchase stock in the company. I really wish there was one closer. Not that it's far, persay, but man, if it was back in the mall like it was years and years ago, that would be so much easier. Lunchbreaks would be as badly damaged as my paycheque would be.

Watching musicals or shows in the form of musicals messes with my head. I always half expect for a dramatic number to start out of nowhere, and I wouldn't be weirded out.

Friday. Almost there.

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