Saturday, 27 April 2013

Of Rockstars and Tea

I can't say I really know a lot of about Rock or rocker culture. There is rock music I enjoy. Having said that, I enjoy pop, techno, 80s, and disney movie soundtracks with equal aplomb as well, so all must be taken in stride. But, I bought a vest today, and while it likely has nothing to do with being well verse in the culture, and regardless of the fact the vest is a offwhite lace creation, I felt like a rockstar wearing it.

Maybe my boots helped the feeling along. Not really sure. Maybe I'll just blame it on fanfiction or something. It's like the scapegoat for....everything.

Either way, it all comes down to tea in the end. Now, at least I can say I do know a lot about tea. Not everything, of course. But I know more about tea than I know about rock music. I might be able to even pair a tea to rock music, if I'm having a really good day.

But the point of the tea, was tea staining. I desire to make a lacey cuff to match my rockstar vest. Sadly, the lace I have in blindingly white, not ivory. Ergo, I decided to venture into the world of tea staining. Always wanted to try it.

Not the ideal conditions in some ways, because the lace is polyester but I figured with enough time and tea the colour should take enough that it dull the colour.

It sort of worked too. The colour took and the.... darkness of it is correct, but the tone is too pinky for my liking. Buuuuut, now that I know the lace takes the colour, I can experiment with the colours of the brew using the million kinds of tea I have at home. I'm infusion of green tea perhaps, will give it the slightly more yellow tone I need. Perhaps even oolong.

Maybe one day, if we're feeling really crazy I can see what happens if I dye it with my sangria brew. That'll be a zesty colour all right......

But, that's for tomorrow, when I have, ya know, daylight.

"Hey, hey, I wanna be a rockstart...."

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