Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Do you dream of damask?

I kept daydreaming of skirt designs at work. I was builidng bird cages so my mind was quite free to wander.

I really want to make a short gathery or box pleated skirt, with the main fabric as a delightfully nerdy print and a solid colour border hem and waistband. I saw a skirt in a single colour at the One of a Kind sale in silk but I don't know if I can recall the pattern enough to reverse engineer it. A lot of the patterns I'm seeming to find on the pattern catelogue are crossgrain cut which I don't think would work with the direction of the print on the fabrics I'm looking at.

Having said that, summer patterns are likely on their way, so maybe some more patterns will pop up soon.

Got a few more cuffs in the ready-to-grommet stage, which the next lot should arrive hopefully tomorrow or the next day. Cut out some more in the newer smaller size, as well.

I'll need to make another Sussman's trip soon, to get some more of the trims I'm favouring. Hopefully in the next two weeks. I do need to make something with that blue trim though. It hasn't found it's home yet.

Morning goal: Cut out beige and brown small cuff pairs.

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