Monday, 29 April 2013

Simply riveting, darling.

Have you met Brad?

Brad is a split pin, a scrapbooking pin and up until yesterday was called a "Duotang pin thingie." in my native tongue of Moofinghameranian. There are many kinds of decorative Brads, in all shapes and colours of fabulous. However, after pushing Brad through leather and sealing the backing with another leather strip, Brad looks like his more rustic cousin, the rivet.

Brad and his bros are current drying out after their glue bath. If all goes well, I may have successfully found a way to finish off my leather wrap cuffs. This would please me greatly.

Especially after, how in the last 10 minutes:

1. My rotarty cutter blade is suddenly and magically DULL. It's dead. It was fine for the first three cuts and suddent dead. Did I hit the ruler edge or something? Either way, I am very irratated now.

2. In rotary cutting dully, I hit my brand new silcon glue mat and sliced a nice 4 inch gash right through it. Fantastic. Apparently the blade was still sharp enough to ruin that.

So much for a fabulous after work, working session. There goes my momentum for the night. I might call it day and sulk, and go eat ice cream or something.

My goals for the week.

Finish the leather cuffs. All 9 of them. Try not to ruin anything.
Get started on the spats. Cut fabric for.... 11ths, Tardis, Red'n'Black, Black'n'white, maybe one of the browns depending on the positioning of the pattern pieces and the fabric pattern. Maybe the teal too. Try not to ruin anythung.

Gotta budget the time. Beginning to feel the crunch.

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