Sunday, 7 April 2013

Under pressure, *do do do do doo.*

I find it entertaining that when one wants to write a new blog entry, one clicks "compose". Considering the weft and weave of the English Language these days, "compose" sounds almost....archaic. Dignified.

I wish to compose an entry about the salad I consumed.
I will compose email, consisting of OMG did you see that?

However, I much prefer the word rather than, well, I don't know. "New message"? "Start yo email"? It's proper.

Also, this blog entry is being written with distinctively terrible British accent. I blame too much BBC.

Anyway. The point of this composition is merely the awareness that it is well into April, and I have SO MUCH STUFF TO MAKE before the end of May. Seriously. Fetch me the T.A.R.D.I.S. I might need to do another lap.

I also need some hand cream. Me hands are reptilian.

Went to Sussman's. Got trim. Went to fabricland. Got more trim, another metre of fabric because I am a Magpie. Took pictures of two fabrics, currently not on sale, one that has that Paris pattern you see on dressforms everywhere, the other that is a lovely T.A.R.D.I.S. blue raw silk with a black undertone that reminds me of wood grain. There are things that I wish to make with them. Once they are on sale of course.

Checked out the patterns skirt I was looking at. Confirmed that one will not work, and one that will. The latter I might not even need a pattern for since it's just a simple couple of seams, some box pleats and a invisible zipper. Easy peasy. After all I have an ERA of AWESOME in my great zipper adventure. (Of the one that I have installed. But it was an invisible zipper!)

Hummmm.... Completed some more cuffs. Green brocade x 2, wine taffeta x2, and white. Now I have work my way through the pile of cut outs, and give them some basting love. Then that's it for cuffs. I need to switch to something else, because I'm feeling like I'm in a rutt. Even though they're all slightly different I'm not used to making multiples of things.

I still desire a poodle skirt.

New week. Let's make it a productive one, kid.

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