Friday, 26 April 2013

The Calculation of Worth

The cost of time and effort. How do you measure it, really? I'm sure there's some sort of fancy dancy math formula for it, but, really what defines what something is worth?

Such is the heavy thoughts of artisan, I'm sure.

Good evening though. The members of crafter's corner booth number whatever had our meeting, comparing our wares, trying to figure out what we need more of, a lot more of, preening over our collective awesomeness and workmanship and generally how much ice cream can be consumed after a delicious dinner of Thai food. But, gods, pricing. Trying to figure how to price something is a pain. High enough to make a bit of scratch, but low enough to make sure they sell. Blargh.

But we started some ideas for the table layout anyway. I need to come up with something to display my cuffs and such on actual forms so people can see what they are suppose to look like. Ideas included arm and boot silhouettes, mannequins pieces and wrapped pvc piping. Though...I'm getting ideas involving copper piping pieces. No idea where this is going, but I'm getting some delightful steampunky vibes.

Got the heat'n'bond I forgot during my last fabricland trip. I swear I feel like I live there.

But, I think I might need to get buttons now for the leather cuffs. Never ending, I swear.

Ah, well. Plug away at it more this weekend. Gotta update the excel spreadsheet of doom.

Now, sleep, though. That sounds good.

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