Monday, 3 June 2013

Alright, let's start to focus, shall we?

So I once again realized Costume Con 32 was now less than a year from now.
I mean, I've been tracking it since they announced it.
But suddenly 900+ days is less than 300+ days.
Less than year to create a collection of majesty worthy of being judged by my peers and in many cases, my costuming idols.


So, it is my goal, by the end of this month, to fully finalize what I am going to create for each category and have an almost concrete design for those pieces that require it. I shall create a binder with all my printouts and sources for documentation purposes and to keep some sort of control on the situation.

As of this moment.

Historical Masq: Decided. Secret-like of course.
Sci-Fan Masq: Tentatively decided. Will depend if I can find a design that represents my ideas.
Single Pattern: As above, thought I have my inspirational piece and a piece of the headgear I plan on using.
Fri N Social: Quetzalcoatl, the Night Club version. Haven't fully created the design, but it's going to be sassy!

So, really, it's all just ideas at this point. But at least I have ideas....right? RIGHT? where's me colour pencils?

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