Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Ideas... Ideas....

Just fleshing out some more thoughts for Quetzalcoatl. Ideally, I'd like to make this little number first and soon. Give it a test run on, say Hallowe'en or something, and then debut it to my peers for the Friday Night Social.

Currently, I'm favouring this pattern for the basis of Quetzie.

McCalls 6743
It has a few different hemlines, and I'm currently favouring the above style B, or style D.

I like the asymmetry of the dresses. It's got a fun, sassy look to it. It might give Quetzie that night club look, I'm after. Seeing as I don't have the pattern in front of me, I can't see how the fabric is laid out. So, the yardage concerns me, because they're after a hell of a lot of material. My Game of Thrones Maxi dress required less material, and that was bulky. They want a thinner fabric than I used, but still. Do I want to cut out some of the material? I'll know better once I see the instructions.

Rather than self belting it low in the waist as they suggested, I'm thinking of using that gold stretchy belt I have to cinch it just under the bust for more of an old world feel. Plus the gold would pop against the dress (which would be some sort of green tone) Not to mention matching the gold scale bangles I specifically bought for this. :D

If I do go with this sort of look, I might add something to the hemline. Maybe add some gold? Paint or trim, so long as it doesn't interfer with the flow of the dress.

Hm hm hm.... don't know. Work in progress, obviously. Hopefully I can get to fabricland this weekend and take a look at the pattern, since it will be on sale. Not to mention that blue silk..... <3 <3 <3

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