Monday, 17 June 2013

Suddenly comissions.

Magic and Stitchcraft suddenly has customers. Sort of ish, heh.

My sister has asked me to make a flower piece for her hair, for the wedding she will be maid-o-honouring at. Sounds good. Got some of the fabric that's very close to the shoes, so now I just have to come up with a design. She needs it by August, so I have time to experiment.

Then, at work today, my boss's mother told me she is also attending a wedding in September and is looking for a fascinator of her own. Aside from a few colour preferences and a general idea, she handed me the Carte Blance. So long as it's excting, the skies the limit. :D Can anyone say Peacock Sword feathers?

So, yeah. I have little comissions. Let's see what I can do with them.

In other thoughts,

I have decreed that the cedar hedge on our property is officially called The Wall, as the namesake to its frozen counterpart from Game of Thrones/aSoIaF.

Also, the room rates for Costume Con 32 have just been posted. It suddenly just got real. *squeal of excitement*

Now, I am off to look for fascinator ideas. And make some more concept art for the Tardis dress.

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