Monday, 10 June 2013

*happily humming, just add pencil crayons*

I haven't used these babies in years. I literally had to dust them off.

Oh, how they laughed at me for wanting 50 colours of pencil crayons. (They didn't. No one cared.)
But, now I have proven their worth. (I probably got them on sale.)
Now, I unleash my majesty. (I colour like a 5 year old. Staying in the lines is for grown-ups.)

Or, in my case, I print off the line art for the patterns I'm considering using for various projects, and happily colour them in, like a kid with a colouring book. Except I'm shading ballgowns instead of unicorns. With the aforementioned ability to stay in the lines.

Eh. It's helping me visualize. Kinda like how I use my favourite Barbie stencil to draw human outlines. If there is anything scarier than my colour ability, it's my ability to draw human outlines. I could make an abstract painter weep for their mothers. But I draw a mighty stick figure. And you should see my plant cell diagrams. Those 'ill get your cytochrome complexes goin'. (Bad biology humour, ladies and gentlemen.)

Anyways, I had a point to this.

Right. Pencil Crayons. I gave myself a hand cramp colouring buuuuut, I am now creating a binder of ideas for Costume Con, so at least it's for reason. Currently, planning Quetzalcoatl's design.

Oh, 50% sale at Fabricland this weekend. Remember that, if I have time.

I really need to read those books I got from the library. I already renewed them once, and still haven't cracked them open. Ah, well. I have until the 17th.

Oh. And the Tony's were fantastic last night. Love watching that show. Special mention to Cinderella and metamorphasizing dress. I heard the cosplayers cry out as one. I, myself watch it in slow motion twice.

And those are the thoughts for the day. Onwards to Tuesday.

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