Tuesday, 18 June 2013

*thoughtful rumination, sacrifice one pencil*

The unfortunately thing about not being a multimillionaire is that I must budget my costuming materials. Do you get the median of everything, or the best of somethings and the mediocre of others? What, in the end, will make the best creation?

Case in point; the T.A.R.D.I.S. dress. I have a budget. I do not want to exceed the budget.. or can't for that matter. Unless the gods of the Ontario Lottery Gaming decree that the winning numbers are mine alone.So, to stay in the budget, I have to choose what I can save on. The blue silk, while on sale, was not what I would call a savings. It put a heavy dent in the budget. But, it is so wonderfully perfect and defines the dress that it can't be done without. So, what do I balance it with?

The hoopskirt. If I was after historical accuracy, I would be more hesitant, but I want the dress to be the feature, not what's holding it up. So, after researching materials, patterns and their ilk, I have decided to purchase a bridal hoopskirt. It has the dimensions I want, it has adjustable hoops so I can reuse it for mulitple projects, and will save so much money that I can use towards trimmings and embelishments. I've purchased from this place before, judge the quality and it will not detract from the overall effect of the outfit. There's still "shortcuts" that you can't take; I'll still need to make the over-the-hoop-under-the-skirt layer less my hoop show through, and I will make up for the cheater hoops by drawing the layer ....that won't even be seen.... into the overall design. Money, I will save. Time, I will still spend.

Having made that decision, I will now looking into ordering the hoopskirt and the patterns for this beast.
But before I do that.... back to designing.....

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