Sunday, 3 November 2013

Oddly quiet weekend.

It's.... weird. Despite the fact that its been nonstop for the past many weeks, it's been an oddly quiet weekend. I mean, I have things to do; writing my speech for the wedding, making sure my dress is ready to go, etc etc, but I'm working through it all.

So, I'm having a few hours of total slugging around. Sitting on the couch, watching the Doctor Who marathon on TV in the background while playing Pokemon. It's practically decadent. Not to mention the daylight savings time change is throwing me off in a good way.

I do need to come up with some more tutoring stuff for this week, hopefully I can do that soil experiment because that should be relevant to their school work they're doing at the moment.

Man, it's weird watching Mark Sheppard on Doctor Who, I saw him on that first, then during all those Supernatural episodes, but seeing him as Canton again is just bizarre. I keep thinking it's Crowley and it's freaking me out.

I've done nothing costuming related to report. Once the wedding has been celebrated, and such I'll start back to my costumey things. Thought a tiny part of me wants to have something Thor related when we see the movie on Thursday. I don't even have a button to wear, how sad...

Meh, I'll cross that bridge.... later. I have a pokedex to fill.

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