Sunday, 16 February 2014

With this bias tape, I thee BIND.

Remember when I said I had a frustrating day sewing? Jinxed myself. I went to do the seam finishing I had planned for the top skirt, and after trying to iron it evenly, then trying to iron it again, and then once more, I looked in horror at the insanely rapidly fraying seam allowance, I did the only thing a girl suffering from crippling (fortunately temporary) self-doubt could do.

Cue the angry, frustrated tears that in no way provide the emotional catharsis they should.

Intense research, emergency Fabricland trip, $25 of bias tape, and a the purchase of a box of self-pity custard tarts later, ("You know, notions are on sale this coming weekend?" "You don't understand, this is an emergency. Also, you need to reorder. I took it all.") and they now halfway bound seams look a million times better than the first method I was using. Not to mention seem a lot stronger than before. Added bonus, the bias tape matches perfectly. Thank the sewing gods.

I can't tell, if I lost much time doing it this way, considering I have the fine motor control of a rampaging bull while trying to do hems and seams, bar that hour of travel time/dire bakery run. But the seams are not fraying. And they look good. Now, it's just a matter of keeping ahead of the fray as I stitch the four other panels together. Which was suppose to be finished tonight.

At least I've reached the trifecta. Blood - check, Sweat - check, Tears - check.

And I have a seam ripper stuck in my ponytail, I forgot about.

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