Saturday, 22 February 2014

"Seams" okay.

Hem of overskirt - Complete. Machine stitched - went well. No need to do it by hand. Time Bonus

Attachment of ruffle to underskirt - complete - went.... fine. New stitch ripper, which was acquired, was very much needed. Finally product looks good. Need to clean up stray threads, and finish seams. Likely, with bias tape. Keeps the finishing consistent. .... Need to acquire white bias tape. Should have gotten that while I was there at the sale. Ah, well.

Tomorrow, I should have a mostly uninterrupted day. (Bar my required commitment to the Olympics. Do I really want to watch the hockey game at 7am? Do I not want to watch it? Can I therefore stay in my pajamas for the rest of the day? And CTV was just talking about the push to make ice climbing a new Olympic sport. It looks dangerous and chaotic. It's perfect. I predict gold for Canada.)

I hope to trim the over skirt, baste to under skirt, and begin the pleating process. I snagged some black crocheted trim, which I think will finish the ruffles I plan on added to the overskirt, nicely. If all goes well, skirt should be finished this week, and then onto the corselette or the top, depending on my mood.


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