Thursday, 20 February 2014

Level two binding spell - HOLD!

I totally cannot find the seam ripper I had in my hair, the previous night. I thought it was in a safe spot too. Huh....

 Thank goodness for the bias tape. I am now mostly in control of the mad fraying. There are three danger zones, mind you, that are requiring more.... intense attention. However, at this point, the extra intense attention aka Fray check seems to be working. Unfortunately, it's made me halt construction of that piece while it dries. So, I will attempt to go back to the underskirt for a bit.

I've decided to change the ruffle for the underskirt too. I was having the worst luck with getting the box pleats even. Finally, working on piece by piece I got it a good spot to reattempt the main part of the pleating.

...And I took one look at it, and realized that box pleating really made it look... bad. The stripes on the fabric just don't look good with the pleating. Because of where the pleats must line up and with the thickness of the fabric's pattern, it just makes it look...unevenly done, despite the fact that's how it's suppose to be put together. So, I took a step back, and looked at it. I decided - plain ol' gather stitching. While less fancy, it's going to make the stripes uniform and make it look a lot nicer than the pleats. So. I will make the change.

I always hesitate to make changes to patterns. I suppose I'm still new enough at this craft to think that the pattern's directions are law. If I make any sort of change to them, I am going against the order of the universe and it will therefore unravel faster than the silk I am currently using. But, whether I do, it does seem to work out for the better.... I just have to keep on reminding myself that.

So, now I go to gathering fabric.

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