Thursday, 27 February 2014

Bits at a time

1. Skirt. Looks good. I need to add a few snaps to the waist band to prevent the placket from hanging open, and the waist band from slanting down. Fit is good, though. Length seems fine, though I need to try it with the shoes to make certain.

I started the pleating, but while I'm doing the same style, I'm changing the number and the width. It seems to hang better, the way I pinned it up, rather that what was marked on the pattern. I tested the trim on the hem of the overskirt, and I found it very underwhelming. So I'm going to go with the same that's going to be on the corsellette. It pops a lot more, and it'll be consistent, at least. Downside is that I need to buy more, making this the third potential trip to fabricland in the past week. Good think I like it there.

2. Corsellette. Started it. I cut out the lining, partially as a tester for size (I'm always in between sizes.) Seems like it will be fine, so I went ahead and stitched it, and the boning casings on it. Material (of course) frays like whoa, so I hit it with a bit of fray check before I mess around with the rest of the stitching. Tomorrow I can cut the main fabric, the interfacing and see if I can get those stitched too. My plan to use the printable fabric as one of the pattern pieces isn't going to work, as it's just a shade too small. So I will use it as a patch, with a slight border around it. Not sure if I will use contrast stitching to make it obviously a patch, or not. Have to see.

3. Crafter's corner. Application is nigh. *cringes* Speed to my fingers. Speed to my reflexes.What do the kids use these days? HashtagIreallyreallywanttodothisagain.....

4. Remind me to buy one the LED lights from work to see if that will work on the dress. Need to see if it will work, on the dress.

I should sleep?

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