Friday, 21 February 2014

Just mind things

The bias tape binding spell is complete. Now I can be 67% less terrified about handling the over skirt. I have also ironed half the hem for said over skirt. I will complete the rest when I have daylight because ironing with every light on in the room is making the temperature ridiculously warm. I do poorly when I am warm and trying to iron. The gather stitches have also been placed within the ruffle of the underskirt. I have yet to form the ruffles, but the threads are poised for action.

I require a new stitch ripper. Mine is AWOL. Perhaps, I can sneak out to Fabricland to acquire one, during the sale. Which I also plan to acquire some denim for future projects. I should also check on my lining material for the bodice. I actually don't know if I have enough. Actually, no, if I am making in it broadcloth, I don't have any. Perhaps, I will have time go tomorrow, if I have time when I get home from the dentist? (yay, fun Saturday times.)

Deadline/Application for Crafter's Corner is rapidly and slowly approaching. (And still no update on FanExpo) My brain is screaming ideas at me, (none of which I will act on yet), much more fandom related than last time, but I feel they will attract a target crowd large enough that they would sell. The Tardis spats did after all. I think I will add cuff cousins to them. Throw in some various Zelda themes, and I do really want to come up with a Supernatural one. Maybe try some different techniques this time around. Change my linings to a different material to speed up stitching, but at the same time, will be less see through so I think it will be a good trade off. I`ll be likely making a set for myself to actually wear, so that can be the tester.

That`s it, I think. Thanks, brain.

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