Sunday, 31 March 2013

Another weekend over...

They always seem to just fly by. Why is that? Here's to another work week, may it pass with postive excitement.

In continuing with the number list of points.

1. I was finally able to watch my first live episode of Doctor Who. In true Whovian style, with a fellow Whovian (Yay, Kashunga!), Jammie Dodgers and tea. I also am capable of furthering my reasons of not being on facebook with canon Whovian evidence. Having now watched said episode, I'm slipping back down the timey wimey slope and I'm watching back episodes again. Ehehehh...?

2. Tested cuffs on various people. I need to make more....smaller. People have such tiny wrists. The bigger ones are fine on myself, and a few others, but on just as many people, the ones I've made are too large. *sigh* Not a big deal, in the end since I was going make doubles again, but still....

3. Currently setting price at $25/pair. Covers my costs, though doesn't take my time into account, but allows for some profit. Fingers crossed they sell.

4. Ordered more grommets. Gonna need more grommets.

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