Monday, 27 May 2013

Animenorth 2013: The Report

It's funny, but that weekend really seemed to fly by. Animenorth has come and gone for this year and I already miss it.

And the report?

Most excellent. Magic and Stitchcraft has officially made it's debut and it, honestly and proudly it was a good one. Both Ash and I sold things....we sold many things. We made enough to pay for the table, our supplies and even some cash on the side. My massive start up overhead is now gone and any future creations should have a greatly increased margin. I'm very happy and proud.

Of course, now I want to do this next year. Is that okay, Animenorth Officials? I want to come back!

Set up and selling got easier each day, (partially because stock was shrinking) once I figured out the best way to display and handle everything in an actual busy setting. In general, I think our table looked great. Even having the colourful table cloth made everything stand out against a nice rich background. We might modify our stands a bit making it more open in the centre than it was, but the concept still worked out well enough.

Stockwise, I got a better idea of what colours people favoured. Black, red, white went the fastest which I suppose should have been a no brainer, but I was surprised that the earthtones weren't as popular, but it's what others like, not me. My 11th Doctor spats took a while to go, and I ended up dropping the price a but, but the TARDIS ones went first and at full. I am so making those again....if I can find that blasted ribbon anyway. More spats in general, I think, since few people had really seen them before, and were most intruguied by them. Flowers as well, again in different colours. They ended up being a good fast make.

Others things I'd add would be chokers, which I originally planned on making, but ran out of time to do, and a few people were looking into some of my large cuffs as potential upper armbands. I'd have to look into a pattern for those and see if they'd be worth it.

Colours to add, in addition to more black-white-red would be purple as seemed to be a popular request and some more bright blues and greens, rather than the softer tones. Perhaps some cutesy pinks and such.

But was....good. It was good.

Outside of our island of Italia (which our section of table cloths totally made) I didn't see too much of the con! I kept the tradition of onigiri and ramune of course, and did a little bit of shopping in artist alley, but that was about it. But there wasn't panels that I was gunhoo to see, so I didn't feel like I missed out. I don't shop much dealer room things, since I'm careful about my pricing especially since many things are often online at par if not cheaper, but I was pleased to see all the Doctor Who stuff, since this was my first con as a Whovian.

I ran into all the people I had hoped to see, including my Skiffy/M.A mates from University. (Miss you guys!) Plus, our table mates were awesome to work next to for the weekend. Maybe we'll see them again next year!

So yeah. It was fun. Really, really good.

Fingers crossed to do it all again next year!

And now back to reality......

 'cause I totally just renewed my library books for some costume ideas.....!!!


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