Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Grommeting...round two.

Aside from a minor injury (Re: missing the awl and hitting my finger with the mallet instead. That bloody hurt. And the tip of my finger is bruised.) I do rather enjoy grommeting. It is rather therapeutic when you get into the rhythm.....when you're not hitting your hand.

As such, most of the spats have been awled, grommeted and awaiting trimming and lacing. Just need to do the blue ones. Was going to do the fancy chain mail lacing, but the silver grommets will look just as nice. Plus, my dad sharpened the larger awl so I should have less issues that I was last night when it went dull.

....and hopefully the mallet will hold together. I am slowly and painfully destroying it. Gertrude (the mallet) got to the point where pieces of rubber were flying off as I was hammering. I am not gentle on my tools. Not that I try to ruin them, but putting them through the Moofy-test truly tests their mettle.

Finish that tonight, and tomorrow we can start trimming. Should be able to get that done this week, and then its mop up for some other projects and trinkets. Not to mention I need to build my display stand, update my product sheet, come up with some sort of business card etc etc etc.

So, not a thing to do, really. *neutral face*

And I still want to play Okami again.

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