Friday, 10 May 2013

Sometimes, the mind is an odd landscape.

My mind comes up with some bizarre crossovers. Like the time my brain decided to crossover the movie Real Steel with Pixar's Brave. Not that it made much sense, but my brain got halfway through fighting bear robots and clans wars in a post apocalyptic world before being distracted by something shiny.

Then there was the time I saw My Fair Lady and crossed it with the Hunger Games. The Dover race scene was entirely replaced by people from the Capital. There was a lot of satin and bright colours involved.

Or Pokemon and West Side Story. Starring the Eeveelutions in fabulously swishy skirts.

Like I said, an odd landscape, the mind is.

So, suddenly my mind has gone on an Okami kick. Such a great game. But now my brain, being, well, my brain is trying to cross it with things. Again. Not the first time, mind. My intial crossover, I jealously guard in my own headcannon in foolish hopes I will create the ulitmate fanfiction and associated costume collection.

Maybe I should just play the game again and get it out of my system. Or just...cosplay from it.

Yay, headcannon!

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