Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Well, huh.

My first evening post convention with nothing to do.

It's...weird. I feel like I should go back to sewing things but... I don't have anything to do. I mean, I will soon enough but I've  been working so many nights I've become accustom to it.

..... I just chilled out and watched tv.

Meh, I deserved it. We had inventory today at work, which is always a pleasure, especially when still recovering from con fatigue. So I needed a night of nothing, right?

Ah well, I'll start ideas soon. It's a straight on battle to Costume Con now, balancing with next year's shows I'm committing to. Going to have to pace that all carefully to prevent being bogged down.

I need to go through my supplies to see what I have leftover, and keep an open mind for inventory pieces in the future. Also, my fabric containers looks like fabricland exploded again so I really have no idea what's in there anymore.

...And Quetzalcoatl went disco in my head. Thank Daft Punk for that one.
...And the TARDIS went Lindy Hop. That would be So You Think You Can Dance chiming in.

Anyone else? No? Good.

Going back to the post-con stupor now.

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