Friday, 17 May 2013


I am SO antsy tonight. My mind is just.... NOT calm. And I know its because it's the weekend before the con. It always happens; how many sundays before a con have I freaked out because of the small things?

I'm hoping that since there is no cosplay involved, I will be much more emotionally stable.

And then my brain told me: "Don't worry there isn't a panel of judges critiquing your work. Every customer that walks by your table will. ENJOY YOUR WEEK." Screw you brain.

Tomorrow - not a work day. Tomorrow I enjoy with friends. It is birthday celebration, it is firiends.

Sunday? It begins. THE FINAL COUNTDOWN. Europe and everything. And so is the holiday monday.

Time to call up my old cerebral friend, Winter Wolf.

Now, I will attempt to sleep.

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