Thursday, 9 May 2013

*exhale loudly followed by headdesk*

Today was... frustrating.

Mainly boiling down to random sewing tools going missing/being misplaced/falling into a blackhole. Reallly, no fault but my own, but still. Found my corner poker/ tube inverter after tossing all the couch cushions, but my ironing pad for small curves as all but AWOL. Had to make do. Made do.

Partially because of that, and just because things take time, and I feel like I'm running out of said time, I really feel like I didn't accomplish anything today. I mean, I did. I have two pairs of spats in the ready to grommet phase, two more to iron out and three more waiting to be sewn to the lining. But I was hoping to get all of them sewn today so I could start grommeting. Hopefully tomorrow, I'll finish the sewing and have everything ready to grommet for this weekend.

Ugh. T-two weeks to the day.

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