Monday, 6 May 2013

Strike while the iron is hot.

Ironning, interfacing and pinning is done. The interfacing I used was a little stiffer than I'm used to, but it might work out better in the end. Prevent that foul halloween satin from warping though. That stuff is really only good for lining things.

Tomorrow night we begin the sewing of the spats. Tested out the sizes of those patch templates. They seem fine. Hmmm... that's about it on that end of things.

Took a trip to the good ol' library at lunch to get some books for reference. Mainly some extra sources to agument the few books that I own. However, as I am currently pouring through them, the information on Ancient Briton fashion mimialistic as an unpainted wall. Of the five books, three have a tiny bit of information, and two of them use the exact same wording word for word for all five sentences they contain. I had to double check they weren't different version of the same book. There might be one more picture that could be useful but that's about it. Back to the internet, I suppose.

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