Friday, 13 December 2013

Further costume headcanons

I'm actually not sure if I have headcanons to excuse the costume ideas, or the costume ideas comes from the headcanons. Meh.

Firstly, I can't find my Simplicity 2355. I can find the cutout pieces for the corset I made, but I can't find the rest of the uncut ones, which had the longer version in it. I mean, I haven't torn the house apart, but my initial browse hasn't turned up anything, leaving me at the loss to where I stashed it. Meaning, I either attempt to length the short version, or buy a new copy. A new copy of a pattern which fabricland no longer carries and therefore only might have a copy if it's been overlooked by other costumers. And I have no idea when I have a chance to run to the store and even check. Pooh.

I think the anti-possession symbol should be on one of the pockets? Or maybe I should get really fancy and henna it to my back? (Actually, that would be really cool, heh. The red henna shows up extremely well on my ghastly pale skin)

The ancestor (who in my mind is called "Dione") is from the Campbell side, since that was the hunter side of the family. The surname, clearly of Scottish descent makes it completely logically with the Winchester brothers obsession with plaid. I have accepted this as canon.


I saw this fabric on Spoonflower.
Supernatural Winchester Tattoo

I kinda wanna get a length of it, and make a cute little skirt with it. .... I wonder if that old little petticoat my mom had is big enough (and poofy enough) to wear under it? That would save me having to make one.

....Must look for that along with pattern.....

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